I am an experienced Relate trained counsellor now working in private practice in Colchester, Essex.

Most couples or individuals can benefit from talking to a counsellor who has been trained to help them work through their difficulties within a professional and safe environment.


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The Importance of Communication

Many of us experience difficulties managing our relationships at some stage in our lives. The inability to communicate effectively can considerably undermine the quality of our relationships.

Poor communication can be difficult to manage alone and a trained relationship counsellor can help in the safe and supportive environment of a counselling session.

Your relationship struggles may not be confined to your intimate partner but may extend to the wider family, the workplace or indeed any social scene.

Generating Understanding & Awareness

The relationships that we have in our early lives contribute to the way that we view the world and relate to others. Past or present relationship difficulties, as well as a multitude of other factors, can contribute to all manner of issues that may present in your life today, such as low self-confidence, stress, anxiety, insecurity, anger, depression, dependency upon drugs or alcohol or the use of other strategies for coping that might serve as a distraction temporarily but generally fail to resolve the underlying issue and often bring further problems.

Considering Change

Counselling may help you to access hidden emotional processes and limiting patterns (based on past experiences) that continue to influence your present-day emotions, attitudes, expectations and decisions. Counselling may empower you to become more tuned-in to your own and others' thoughts, feelings and needs, leading to more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness in your daily life.